Women in Next-Gen

Rise Together

8 September 2023
Virtual | Zoom

WINGS is a powerful and impactful event designed to honor and celebrate women leaders who have left an indelible mark in their respective fields, breaking barriers, and charting new paths for others to follow. It’s a gathering of visionaries, change-makers, and champions – a community united by a shared commitment to uplift and empower women leaders.

Be prepared to be inspired as our keynote speakers share their insights and experiences, offering invaluable wisdom on leadership, resilience, and success. These thought-provoking sessions will leave you energized and motivated to embrace your potential, while also learning from the journeys of others.

Engage in meaningful conversations during our empowering panel discussions, where experts from various industries will address key topics such as fostering a supportive work culture, embracing technology for growth, and the importance of mentorship in leadership development.



The event will be attended by 150+ participants from BFSI – Fintech & Financial Services, NBFC, Aviation, IT & BPM, Telecommunication, E-commerce, Healthcare, Food & Beverages, D2C, Retail, Pharmaceuticals, Tourism & Hospitality so on and so forth.

Women Leaders
Current & aspiring women leaders from all industries seeking inspiration, valuable insights, & networking opportunities to elevate & make a positive impact.
Corporate Executives
C-level executives, directors, and managers interested in fostering diversity, inclusivity, and women's leadership within their organizations.
Women entrepreneurs and founders looking to gain knowledge, resources, and connections to grow their ventures and break barriers in their industries.
HR and Diversity & Inclusion Professionals
HR professionals and diversity & inclusion champions interested in promoting gender equality and creating inclusive work cultures.
Educators and Academics
Educators and researchers focused on women's leadership development and empowering the next generation of female leaders.
Advocates and Activists
Advocates for women's rights and gender equality, working to advance women's empowerment and create positive change.
Mentors and Mentees
Mentorship pairs seeking guidance and mentorship opportunities to nurture leadership potential and professional growth.
Supportive Allies
Men and women who are passionate about empowering women leaders and are committed to supporting gender diversity initiatives.
Bindiya Picture
Bindiya Bhatt
Senior Director


Panna Picture
Panna Chugh
MD, Billing Transformation & Governance

State Street

Ankita Picture
Dr. Ankita Singh
Sr. VP & Global Head: HR, Admin, IT, Travel


Sukhada Picture
Sukhada S Dhone
Associate Director - Strategy & Planning


Shilpi Picture
Shilpi Singh

Della Leaders Club

Richa Picture
Richa Kaur
Head HR


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